MB Fashion Week: the Spectic et al

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Highlights from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013. As usual, Karla Spectic was a stand-out. Only she could use stained glass christ imagery to such elegant effect. And I want one of those collage dresses (at top). Toni Maticevski had a great tapestry inspired print, and Ginger and Smart went pixelated and 80s pastel, but otherwise it's all been largely pattern-free. Romance was Born proved their dramatic chops once again, with a glowing, candy wonderland and 60s baby doll silhouettes. From top: Karla Spectic, Romance was Born, Karla Spectic, Toni Maticevski, Romance was Born, Ginger and Smart, Karla Spectic, Toni Maticevski. All images from Vogue.com.au. HF.