Pi / paisley

Norman-Ives-Orange-Green-Pink-Collage-'72-francisyUco-LifeOfPi p





Life of Pi is worth seeing for the opening titles alone: a delicate typeface ranging across the most engaging (CGI) imagery of animals in the Pondicherry Botanic Gardens, punctuated by the zoo's retro mint green structures. It served to highlight the loss of what was to come in the most beautiful way. By the clever people at Yu + Co. Watch them here. It reminded me how much I've always loved mossy greens and and soft flamingo pinks, and Indian block printing and paisley...so here you go. And I couldn't resist that last image - as far from a southern Indian jungle as you could get... HF. Images, from top: Orange, Green and Pink, 1972, by Norman Ives, Life of Pi title by Yu + Co., generated palette, Aegean Pink Stripe from Carolina Irving Textiles, Pondicherry Botanic Gardens, Schumacher Aksandra wallpaper, anonymous living room.