Dimity Kidston

The delightful showroom of Dimity Kidston at Oddfellow's Hall, Balmain East.

Dimity's range of ceramics and unique weavings inhabit the space, framed by whimsical paintings and ceramic sculptures by her mother, Libby Hobbs. And next door is the studio of illustrator Binny, Dimity's sister (who deserves another post, so watch this space...). Talented gene pool much?

The ceramic pieces' naive, graphic designs are all individually carved using a sgraffito technique. Add the indigo, rose & peach hues, and you feel like you have to buy at least three to stack up together.

The upholstered examples of Dimity's weaving work are truly gorgeous. Image above of a weaving in progress.

Two words: Christmas presents.

Dimity Kidston, Oddfellows Hall, 51 Darling Street, Balmain East. HF.