Jeff Leatham: callas and cages

Jeff Leatham is featured in the current issue of Vogue Living, and it reminded me that I never posted pics of his flowers from my quick pilgrimage to Hotel George V in Paris last year. For those not-so-obsessed-with-florists, Jeff Leatham is potentially the most highly paid, glamorous, and respected florist on the planet. Why? Because he does things on a big scale, and does them well. Bud vases with passion flowers, whoever beautiful, can only get you so far. To be the Artistic Director of the George V, you need to think big, and Leatham does this, with the help of leaning towers of pink hydrangeas, soaring calla lilies and suspended orchids. His work isn't always my cup of tea, and it's certainly  spawned a whole school of pretty gaudy devotees. But his approach is sculptural, innovative and suits the big, glitzy spaces he works in. Vogue's feature is worth reading, as is the whole issue, so find out more there.