Textile and Terrain go floral

A week or two ago, I got to go to the flower markets at 6am on a Saturday morning. There are few things I enjoy more than being in a massive shed full of flowers and happy flower people. People are wanding around with arms full of blooms and big cheshire grins. What could be more heavenly?

A lovely friend of mine was getting married, and very generously let me do the bouquet! Above is the before shot- below the progress shot, and bottom- the finished product! I love doing bouquets- though this time I had to do it without my off sider Harriet! Flying solo was much more stressful than I would have thought! She's much better at the buying and colours- and then I put it together. Any hoo- I think it came out Ok- and much thanks to Jen for coming to the markets with me to offer moral support!