Jenny Odell: satellite collections


I am feeling very smug to have come across the work of Jenny Odell - a Californian artist who, going by her artist statement, has a thing for Walter Benjamin. Swoon. Apart from beautifully thoughtful German intellectuals, Jenny is interested in ordering systems: mapping, tracking, zooming and so on, and reinterpreting them for her own vision, or personal mindscape. Kind of a breaking down of the plethora of cartographic data we are subjected to, in the age of google maps. Enough art ramble. These images are from Jenny's Satellite Collections series - all digital prints created 2009-2011.From top: Swimming PoolsEmpty Parking Lots, Waste PondsShipsAn Overpass in Iowa, Repeated. I am particularly partial to that last one - art nouveau from concrete and cars... HF.

PS - whilst deserving of a post of his own (will do so soon), on the subject of data, check out my super clever NYC cousin Feltron.