Emily Thompson & The New York Times

Whilst I've long admired Emily Thompson's flowers (from afar), it seems the New York Times have just cottoned on. The article An 'Outsider' Blossom Upends the Flowerpot' in yesterday's edition profiled Emily's wooded wonderland display for Kenneth Jay Lane jewellery. It's an interesting article, highlighting the changing attitudes of the wealthy toward flowers. Something I bang on about a lot: the shift in perceived value of flora. You don't need wheelbarrow loads of peonies and pennies to impress anymore! I think the writer is a bit blasphemous in labelling Thompson the 'next' Constance Spry. The influence of  Spry is palpable, isn't that enough? Also, there is a strange mention of the 'Brooklyn Flower Wars', evoking imagery of secateuring sabotage and shootouts in hipster studios. Really? I would imagine that talented bevy of florists all do their own thing quite happily, with the local residents winning all over place. Either way, it's worth reading and absorbing the use of porcini mushrooms (excuse the pun) in arrangements.HF.

Images of Thompson's flowers above, from her website.