O sweet queen-city of the golden south

My last day in Melbourne. In the courtyard, sitting on a milk crate and waiting for the steam cleaners, I find myself with a moment to reflect on the things I'll miss (apart from our friends, sob):

-the Readings sale table: never will I find gorgeous hard back cook books for $20 again

-Golden Days Radio: the perfect antidote to Victoria St traffic.

-Seven Seeds: coffee that tastes like dark caramel and girls with great tattoos.

-Sonido, The Estelle, Cutler & Co., The Old Raffles Place, D.O.C for food.

-Husk, Market Imports, Amor y Locura for things.

-And, of course, the lovely florists Mr Lincoln (images above), Flowers Vasette and the lady who sells cheap, happy daisies and the like at the entrance to Lygon Court.

-the ridiculous wattle bird who screeches at us in the mornings.

-the ability to ride my bike safely and non-sweatily.