I look at the work of floral designers like Lewis  Miller and feel so overwhelmed and impressed at the scale and grandeur of what they do.

Like corporate dinners at the New York Public Library (images above and below), which included 'atlas cedar, white blooming quince and a huge antique Indian cauldron with paperwhites sprouting from a nest of lichen covered branches and wild green smilax vine.'

And 'running the length of the tables, a modern assortment of vessels and candles were overgrown with wild smilax vines: white tulips and anemones in smokey oblong glass, clipped boxwood hedges, copper trays lined with narcissus shoots and lichen covered branches and troughs of white primula malacoides. It was a good blend of crisp and modern, wild and luxe.' (via the LMD blog)

Completely amazing.

(these arrangements support two of my cardinal flower rules: (1) when in season, use anemones - they are inherently confident and elegant, and don't need any accompaniments to look beautiful (2) when in doubt, stick with green - you can achieve grand, structural arrangements on a budget (raid friends' gardens!) and it will never not work.) HF.