Lace and what knott

"Doilies are like dreamcatchers, each knot holding a thought, a memory." These images are taken from here, and from  here.

It's an installation all about the music that goes with it- so take a look! For me, this work is a cheeky celebration of little artworks made on some ones lap, with love and patience. The whole explosion of ESTY is a real acknowledgement of this quiet love of making old world craft into new and exciting things. No fancy business, just good old fashioned crochet.

But it reminded me of some thing quite extreme and industrial.

This Lace Fence by Demakersvan is a fantastical treatment to what is essentially anti personnel fencing! There are some amazing images on line when you Google-ize Lace Fence- they have used it in all sorts of applications. To me it looks like a massive doily!


Go forth and knitt/ crochet/ embroider- what ever tickles your fancy. NJ.