Fancy Figment

Figment, since 2007, is some kind of fanciful joy filled festival of the arts, celebrating creativity and passions through interactive exhibitions in Boston and on NYC’s Govenors Island from June- October.

The familiar fancy pants living pavilion(which took the honour role pole position on this very blog), is one of the long term exhibits. The idea is to create interative participatory art, to engage the community in issues facing the arts, i.e. Lack of opportunity for emerging artists, access to arts for all, passivity in our society, lack of communities among urban residents etc. All good stuff!

I’m mad for any thing that will celebrate creativity, and bring communities together. What better excuse, than to leave the safety of your apartment, for an African dance class in the park with your neighbour.

FYI- I don’t know my neighbours- except for one scary lady who doesn’t crack a smile. Perhaps this will be my mission- meet the neighbours….

The Green Pavillion

A structure made from 'plastic milk cartons sandwiched between a CNC-milled plywood skeleton, with a lush interior lining of of Liriope plants. Called the Living Pavilion, it’s the work of the New York architects Behrang Behin and Ann Ha (although they’re quick to point out that the project was realized thanks to the help of about 70 volunteers, most of them students or underemployed architects.)'

For more go Here and here.

More of this I say!