Hanging Gardens from Heaven


So, Harriet is cranky pants at me for including a restaurant review on T&T yesterday, so I'm getting back on track- with some thing a little more focussed. Greenery!

I've been following this project for a couple of months, since first falling for it on Yellow Trace . I even ordered a whole box of bulbs to have a go at growing them! (Stay posted for future progress/ dispair updates) Lord knows where I'll put them all.

Hint: Those with Birthdays in Spring will surely be fostering one or two!

It seems that you can grow absolutely any thing you like in a string ball, as long as you love it and nurture it just so. Since the first season of String Gardens, the designers have really expanded their palette. They are now having a go at trees, and grape vines- essentially, any thing you can grow in a garden- you can wrap in string and hang it!

All in all, I think these hanging gardens are a little magical.

For some fun- check out http://www.stringgardens.com/index.php?/home/ for some home movies of the little blossoms.