origin: early 17th century: from Latin textilis, from text- 'woven', from the verb texere


1. a type of cloth or woven fabric

2. a fiber, filament, or yarn used in making cloth


pronunciation: /tɛˈreɪn/

origin: early 18th century (denoting part of the training ground in a riding school): from French, from a popular Latin variant of Latinterrenum, neuter of terrenus


1. a stretch of land, especially with regard to its physical features

2. a field of knowledge or interest

Harriet (HF) thinks about flowers and fabric when she isn't putting together exhibitions and being a general visual art & design dogsbody. The South Pacific, tagines and Dries van Noten also distract her.

She lives and works surrounded by salt water and cicadas in Sydney, Australia. 

t&t started as a sort of pre-Pinterest way of collating imagery and makers and things she liked.  It hopes to be a platform for the best of surface pattern, floral and fabric design, and their applications in the home and beyond.