Old lady swimming caps

So I've started swimming, and as a gal from the country- this is a new gig. The wardrobe challenges that come with early morning laps, have so far stumped me. The need to be able to pull a work out fit together at 6am is brutal. Then, once you make it out the door, 3/5 pair of swimmers don't make the cut for laps. The halter neck one-piece scoops bits of seaweed. The string bikini- well let's face it- isn't going to work. Like I said- this swimming business is challenging for the wardrobe.

However- others appear to have nailed it.

There is also the challenge of the constant washing of hair-BORING! I've been watching the old ladies with their speedos and swimming caps, and thinking to my self between frog kicks, that 'I need to get me one of those fancy caps with flowers on it!' I've no idea where to find one- but I'm determined to track them down. First stop.. Ebay...nj.

Photos from here @ KOTO BOLOFO